Metal Working and Rust Preventive oils

Metal Working and Rust Preventive oils

Total metal working fluid is designed to facilitate the machining process like precision turning, milling, sawing, drilling, tapping and threading, finishing and grinding. Their formulation guarantees machining performance for all types of metal and in operations of all levels of severity.

Discover Total metal working fluid range:

  • LACTUCA LT 300: Soluble cutting fluids in macro emulsions.
  • SPIRIT MS 5000: Soluble cutting fluids in micro emulsions.
  • DIEL MS 7000: Spark erosion machining fluids
  • ALEDA EE 30T: metal working neat oil

Rust preventive oil

Osyris range is the well-known protective oil of Total group which aims to prevent mechanical parts, sheet metal, machine surfaces from rust and corrosion thanks to its excellent dewatering ability. Apply the product before packaging and storage process.

Discover more about our products: Osyris HLS 4 and Osyris DWX 5000

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