Technical Sales Service

Core values

FES core values

Our experienced engineers have a thorough understanding of machines and their lubrication needs. They work closely with customers to provide technical services to optimize the use of lubricants, leading to substantial cost savings.

Some of the services provided include:

  • Plant survey and equipment inspection (hydraulic system, gearbox,  turbine, compressor, engines, machine tools…);
  • Lube chart; 
  • Products recommendation for specific applications;
  • Rationalization of products;
  • Used oil analysis;
  • Lubricant Compatibility Assessment;
  • Lubrication Technical Training;
  • Maintenance management software TIG XP5;
  • Flushing support and contamination control program;
  • Trouble shooting and customized solutions;
  • Product Data Sheet and MSDS;
  • Lubrication Equipment Tags;

Technical Support

Technical Support

Regular onsite inspections help us to understand your particular lubricant needs. Total engineers will build your own lub chart to indicate which are the appropriate products to be used and with what frequency for each part of your machine. 

Our nationwide Technical Sales Services with their specific equipments is by your side for any technical issues

We also enjoy sharing our knowledge with customers through seminars and training sessions that we co-organize with experts from many OEMs.

Oil Analysis Service – Lubricant Recommendations

Oil Analysis Service – Lubricant Recommendations

As lubricants are the blood that keep machines working, a lubricant analysis can indicate the quality of the oil in service and detect a possible failure early on. 

At Total, we take care of the lubricant analysis for you, and we also provide recommendations on lubrication use

The analysis is conducted by certificated third-party laboratories or at ANAC (Analysis Comparison Center), the Total Lubricants diagnosis system for engines based on the analysis of used oil.

In addition to the standard oil analysis offered by most specialized labs, the ANAC system is not only looking for a diagnosis of the residual quality of the oil itself, but primarily focusing on the wear behavior of the engines, gearboxes, axles and the like.

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