Energy Production

Energy Production

Energy Production

Understanding customers’ operating system is key to making detailed  lube-chart  covering the range of equipments and rationalizing the products required. We share our expertise in lubricants with you, providing you with a range of services designed to optimize your equipment’s productivity and reduce the maintenance costs:

  • Turbine service package: filtering, flushing, factory fill, turbine oil change
  • Oil analysis
  • Maintenance 


PRESLIA oils are designed for lubricating gas, steam and combined-cycle turbines. Their formulation is the result of long experience and meets manufacturers’ most stringent specifications.
PRESLIA: Mineral oil for steam and gas turbines. PRESLIA GT: Hydro cracked mineral oil for steam and gas turbines and combined-cycle turbines. PRESLIA SE JET: Synthetic ester oil for aero-derivative turbines.

Gas Engines 

NATERIA is a range of detergent oils for gas engines and motor-compressors running on all types of fuel – from natural gas to highly corrosive landfill gas. The way in which NATERIA oils are formulated complies with equipment manufacturers' requirements, providing maximum engine protection.

Hydro electric power

Oils for bearings, stops and rotation mechanisms
PX 5700: High-performance biodegradable oil made using saturated synthetic esters. Complies with OECD standards 301C, D, E and F.
PRESLIA range: Turbine oils specially formulated to safely improve the efficiency of your equipment: 
Oils for hydraulic circuits
BIOHYDRAN TMP, BIOHYDRAN SE: Biodegradable lubricants for hydraulic circuits
EQUIVIS range, AZOLLA range:

Oils for gear units

The CARTER range can be used in a wide variety of applications and  demanding operating conditions. ISOVOLTINE II: Non-inhibited pure insulating mineral oil.

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