Fluidmatic IIIG

Total Fluidmatic IIIG  



TOTAL FLUIDMATIC IIIG is a heavy duty multipurpose automatic transmission fluid exceeding GM Dexron IIIG and Ford Mercon standards. It is formulated with premium base stock and carefully selected additives to overcome the challenging demands in an automatic transmission environment.

  • Standard drain interval to keep an efficient operation over the fill life.
  • Special friction properties to ensure smooth gear shifting without shudder.
  • Excellent oxidation stability with adapted antioxidant and detergent level to avoid rapid oil degradation and to maintain its properties over the service period.
  • Effective low temperature fluidity to avoid surge or sudden overload of circuits when starting in very cold weather.
  • Excellent elastomers compatibility to prevent oil leakage.

International Specifications:

  • GM Dexron® IIIG
  • Ford Mercon®
  • ZF TE ML 14A

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