Fluidmatic IID

Fluidmatic IID

Total Fluidmatic IID  



TOTAL FLUIDMATIC IID is a heavy duty high performance transmission oil for some automatic transmissions, manual gearboxes as well as power steering systems specifying Dexron IID.

This product provides consumers an excellent driving experience even in broad range of driving conditions. 

  • Adapted drain interval to keep an efficient operation during the drain interval recommended by OEM.
  • High friction properties to enable a smooth and lasting shift to promote longer transmission life.
  • High oxidation stability to keep its properties in severe service operating conditions.
  • High low-temperature fluidity to help to improve start-up and fast clean lubrication at low ambient temperatures.
  • High compatibility to prevent oil leakage.

International Specifications:

  • GM Dexron® IID
  • Ford Mercon®
  • ZF TE ML 14A

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