Rubia Fleet HD 500

Rubia Fleet HD 500

RUBIA Fleet HD 500 is recommended for the most modern diesel engines in mixed fleets (turbocharged or normally aspirated) in both on and off-road applications. It can handle the most demanding operating conditions; stop and start, long working hours, and very heavy load conditions. The reserve alkaline level allows the use with high sulfur fuel at appropriate drain intervals depending on OEMs recommendation.


  • Highly dispersant with high detergent levels  providing good deposit control in engines, in order to maintains high power output and minimize oil consumption .
  • High protection against engine wear in all conditions of services, thus guaranteeing an extended engine lifespan. 
  • High alkaline reserve level ensures protection against corrosive attack resulting from the combustion of high sulfur fuel 
  • High oxidation stability for oil degradation resistance allows appropriate drain intervals 
  • Overall very good performance in mixed fleets of different engine design allows the use of fewer oil grades and hence provides better inventory control and avoids misapplication of products


  • SAE 20W-50
  • ACEA  E5 / E3 ; API CH-4